Model & 80s Pop Singer Darwun St. James is a Hit with 3 New Books on Amazon

Model & 80s Pop Singer Darwun St. James is a Hit with 3 New Books on Amazon


darwun-st-james1Model & 80s Pop Singer Darwun St. James is a Hit with 3 New Books on Amazon, Readers are excited and the reviews are powerful. “CRICKET”, an Adventurous American Fairytale for the whole family to enjoy “ANGEL SINS”, a provocative New-Adult Romance Thriller and a clever New Age Self-help book; “T+E=C, a Formula for Happiness”.

The Centerfold Model & Recording Artist formerly “Darwun Hastings” was married to the Lead Singer of Steely Dan and she was favored by People Magazine in Picks `n Pans for her haunting, urgent single “Tear me up”.

The song was featured in the Paramount Film / Casablanca Soundtrack “Thief of Hearts”. She continued to write and perform with many artist throughout the 80’s and 90’s and is currently recording a series of Audio Books for preschoolers called “Bedtime Stories” to be released in 2016.

CRICKET is a Classic American Fairytale the Whole Family will enjoy and Readers can’t wait to see the Movie! A fantasy action adventure that captures your imagination on page one; CRICKET is about an 11yr old tomboy named Cricket and her magical adventures in the dangerous Louisiana swamplands. Cricket is lured into the spooky swamps of the Nether-Zone where she discovers the magical inhabitants of the Enchanted Isle and her True Destiny among Shape-shifters, Supernatural Characters and Voodoo Priestesses. You won’t be able to put it down and you’ll be sad when it ends!

ANGEL SINS” by Darwun St James is a thrill-ride, a dark seductive lure that gives readers “guilt-free” permission to indulge in their unrequited fantasies. All hell breaks loose in Vegas the weekend of Elvis Presley’s death after Bi-hetero teen Joan of Arc witnesses a murder and runs for her life. Angel’s is an unforgettable nonstop journey of sexual exploration, personal power and autonomy. ANGEL SINS exposes the disturbing corrupt side humanity within a racy world of strip bars, mobsters, drugs and murder. This spicy new-adult cocktail of suspense will keep you up all night and eroticize your dreams.

“T+E=C, a Formula for Happiness” is a thought-provoking new-age guidebook for happiness and self-discovery. T+E=C reveals the Simple Truth about Living Joyfully; “We are what we think.”  T+E=C offers fast, easy ways to meditate, stop the chatter, and focus on positive manifestations despite the constant noise of our daily lives. In her words and those of Masters and Scholars over 3+ millenniums Darwun reminds us how to stay happy in an unhappy world. Discover the keys to your mind, based on 5000 years of introspection. “T+E=C, a Formula for Happiness” is a little book with big ideas: Empowerment Now and Forever!

Darwun is sponsoring a Free Book Giveaway starting on December 02, 2015 thru December 06, 2015.  The giveaway can be found on Amazon click here . These books are highly recommended reads; all 3 books are great holiday gifts for the book reader on your Christmas list.  Each book has 5 Stars Rating on Amazon & Goodreads. You can find Darwun on her official website , don’t forget join her mailing list for upcoming news and events. You can also slide over to her blog page and look for section called “Ask Darwun” where you can leave a book review, join an existing conversation, or start one of your own.

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