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Donuts First Dates & Forgiveness

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Donuts First Dates & Forgiveness

When it comes to donuts…first dates and breaking the ice is the key when you’re looking at Mr. or Ms. OMG  “he/she is so hot!”.   This writer sez…go to the donut shop, let them pick out what they like. It’s a great conversation starter.  You can learn things like.. does this person like ice in their milk? Or, do they like to dunk their donut in hot-chocolate? It’s also a good way to bring you back to humble beginnings when crazy enters the relationship.

Nothing like a good donut reminder, when you’re late or when life happens or someone is disappointed in your actions.  Trust this….they will eat the donuts – and yes, of course, while being pissed off at you!   They will offer family or friends at work those donuts, while thinking of you.

So why donuts, Derrick?  Are you serious?  Yes, I am very serious. It’s an attention-getter.  Ever seen that one hot person, and you don’t have the words to say?….Send them a box of donuts.  This will leave you in their conversation all day, even if the person is diabetic.

Now if you live in California, we have something that most donut places don’t have – Chinese food and ice cream all in the same shop.  I don’t know who came up with this wonderful idea, but it’s something to see when you walk in the door. Nothing like the smell of Donuts, Chinese Food and Ice cream.  (Smella Vision Moment) Plus it’s a cheap date that leaves room for other great options like a movie or flashing people on the freeway at 85 miles per hour.  I’m not encouraging you to go 85 miles per hour on the freeway….but it is safer than watching the movie “Set It Off” and wondering can we get away with this tonight!  🙂 I don’t want to get a head of myself….let’s go back to “what happens when he or she is so pissed off at me and a dozen of donuts don’t work anymore”? Options, options options…. If you’re a guy, most men default to flowers – this is 2015.   Gift card?  No.   Tattoo?  Double No.   Well, what then? – how do I make up?  I say call me. I’ll put a billboard up in that city with you on it holding donuts and wearing a sad face.  It sounds sad, but she will respond. Hopefully, you didn’t do anything too stupid.   Hey, this is a media blog and all roads leads to you buying media from me. If you’re a lady,  Get him a new video game?  No.  Post new pictures of yourself on twitter or instagram,  maybe?  No.  That will only get him mad.  Call me. I will put a mall poster in his favorite mall with you on it, “holding donuts”.   Yes, once again this is a media blog and all roads leads to a media sell.  Plus, Brenda over at CBS Malls will be so happy you’re one of our new clients.

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Donuts are life’s little wonders, that can break a moment of confusion or the start of something wonderful when it comes to interpersonal relationships.   This also breaks the ice with people that might need a cheer-up during a hard moment.  No, I don’t have any donut clients – yet, but I can say this…passing along wisdom with humor is not a bad idea.

When it comes to advertising call on Executive 1 Media Group – we’re really nice people and we stay full of great ideas to simple things.

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