Starfest Music Festival

Starfest Music Festival to Announce New Concert Date in Dallas

Starfest Music Festival to Announce New Concert Date in Dallas

Starfest responds with New Concert Venue

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Dallas Texas (08/28/2017) – Starfest Music Festival to announce new concert date in Dallas, with an impressive roster list of a-list celebrity recording artist, insuring a celebrated concert experience for its upcoming two-day extravaganza.

Rumors began to circulate on the internet regarding the Plano event, TMZ reported last week that Starfest circumvented the booking agent in an effort to not pay commissions, this was never the case.

According to sources, the booking agent responsible for booking the Plano event, Simon Perez, had not properly secured agreements with the artists scheduled to perform for the Plano event in a timely manner. Organizers quickly recovered from the misfortune and signed Lil Wayne, Flo-rida, Dj Carnage and Machine Gun Kelly. This created a breach of contract with the City of Plano, leaving Starfest to scramble to secure a new venue.

A Starfest official stated: “We were in disbelief to find out, at the last-minute, the booking agent had not secured the performers properly. This is not how we conduct business. Perez tried to take advantage of Starfest and its organizers wanting funding for performers he had no contract with, leading to his immediate dismissal. The actions and false allegations by Mr. Perez, to the media, caused irreparable harm to the company and concert-goers alike”.

The company announced today a relocation plan in the heart of Dallas, only 20 miles away from postponed Plano event. That will give fans a larger venue, more seating and more artists to perform at the new Dallas event. The new concert date for the two-day extravaganza will be announced sometime very soon.

“David Taylor and Starfest Music Festival strive to make each concert experience a positive one. Our commitment to music fans and recording artists is to provide an exceptional and outstanding quality experience”

Starfest Music Festivals gained notoriety recently in the North Texas music community and continues to wow music fans with great events. Starfest Music Festival brings like-minded fans together for an unforgettable weekend experience that pairs music, with efforts to help provide surgery services for children in need, through donations from our sponsors and a portion of ticket sales.

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