A California Advertising Agency and Public Relations Firm

Welcome to our service page – we are A California Advertising Agency and Public Relations Firm, Specializing in Entertainment, Outdoor Media, Television, Web Design, SEO, Billboards, And Social Media.  Packaging and Label Design for product Marketing Strategies, Branding Awareness, Social Media, Brand Identity, and Internet Marketing.


We also offer other services which include You Tube Ad’s, Re-Marketing, Digital Media Consultation, Cable TV/Media Sales, National Radio, Website Development, Conventions Set-ups, Private Security, Critical Public Relations, Billboards, Magento Shopping Carts, Business Development, Commercials and Product Development.

Executive 1 Media Group excels in targeting innovative messages to the consumer and business-to-business audiences. We develop national and regional campaigns, as well with those focused within the California marketplace. Our strategic innovative capabilities include: brand strategies, brand identity programs, creative concept development, media planning, graphic design, along with traditional advertising.

We value ethics, integrity, respect and trust. We believe in honor and relationship building with our clients, colleagues and our partners. We take pride in transparency and remain upfront with our objectives. We know the importance of being understood. Commitment to our clients is the key to our success.



The Music Industry is changing from month to month it seems, speak to one of sales members to help layout a solid foundation for your business plan. All of our staff has worked in the entertainment industry in some capacity, don’t sit on your dreams – lets promote your project.


Public Relations and Critical PR

Public Relations and Critical PR can be a force that can get out of control in certain environments, without a media support system, businesses fail and the general public’s interest can be turned.  We can provide your business with strategic press solutions for your public relations needs.  We also handle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warning letters and FDA inquiries.


Outdoor Media, Movie Theater & Print Media

Need a Billboard to deliver your message? Or how about a Movie Theater, Bus Benches, Local Rail Trains or a Mall? We can deliver with exceptional rates below normal cost. The Executive 1 Media Group brand is displayed in 75% of all national outdoor outlets including Cruise Ships and Airport Media. We also offer print media, ever had a need to send Jumbo Mailers across the county? We have teamed with one the nations largest mail providers with economical rates much lower for the clients who have automation sales.


Television Marketing

Our television advertising includes local and nation wide commercial broadcast, cable media sales, video production, and sound production, We provide creative services in television advertising and media planning, buying, placement and direct marketing. Get your product advertised on Television today!


Website Design SEO and Social Media

In today’s digital world, an effective website is the cornerstone of any business model in today marketing world. We can build you something simple or something complex, we specialize in SEO and ROI to reach your Internet goal. We also support format such as Face book, Twitter, Tumblr, and many others. Need more followers to build your audience? Call or email us today!


Packaging and Label Design

Many Clients seek designs and don’t know where to look. Look no further we can provide your product line a brand-look to make consumers to believe in your product. We have delivered many award winning brands under our belt we are sure, we can deliver the same care and response to you product line. Give us a call today!


Internet and Social Media

Many businesses and individuals have a wonderful looking web site with all the bells and whistles but if nobody know they exist. This is where Executive 1 Media Group can help you establish your Business with solutions to bring your audience to your website. We offer Google Support, Social media, PR 9 links and Articles when comes to the boost you need.


Political Advertising

When it comes to Political Advertising, Our company provides billboards, television, airport and transportation ad’s to suit the needs of the campaign. We also offer polling and Internet placement advertising which includes local, nation wide media planning, buying, placement and direct marketing.


Radio Advertising

Radio has been around for decades and still is a solid venue all across the USA. We can provide you with local deals as well as digital SirusXM and Internet Radio. Millions of people 24 hours day is cutting on a radio all across the USA. Lets get a hold of your audience and lets sell then your brand.


Mobile Marketing

Cell phone marketing allows the individual consumer to make choices wither it’s the passive buyer or the instant buyer. It allows companies to gauge the immediate response of clients. A Cell phone marketing strategy is dynamic and evolves with all types of business situations. It is important for companies to develop methods to reach out to their customer base.


Convention And Trade Shows Setup

Need convention help? Launching a new Product? Sometimes its takes conventions to bring your brand to the public and to distributors. We can offer professional booth setups, with professional personal including known spokes persons or Entertainment Stars to deliver your message to the public. We also can provide profession booths for your convention event.


Grocery Branding

The Grocery product branding advertising is the corner store to people all around the world, we will show you the steps of creating a top shelf product with design and current shelving cost stats. We can assists you with the right tactics and advertising, to get product from your kitchen to the stores you desire your product to be displayed in.

We Provide Value To Your Business By Aligning Smart Marketing Business Strategies With Inspired Marketing Ideas.



Many good products are just sitting on a website just waiting to be discovered by the public, we can provide concepts and ideas for any size budget. From simple social media blast to a late night infomercial, we have plenty of inspiring ideas you can choose from.


In today’s world, its all about what does your website look and what does it say to the visitor. Why leave your potential new customer wondering should they or should then not order from you? Many consumers will travel from website to website looking for the same product – all because of a website doesn’t have “that look” that they can believe in . We truly believe in creating a online presents with the latest concept design and simplicity to give your customers confidence the first time they visit your website.


Copyright and Trademark and is a service we can assist you with as our client, many times great ideas are at the concept level and the paperwork can be frustrating. We have had many clients with great ideas and we believe in protecting your brand from start to finish. Our Company recognizes confidentiality is important when it comes to your investment.


Social Media Engagement is one of the most important critical concepts that any company can participate in. We can help you respond with social media marketing. Many businesses have no idea how to respond to social media, we can you take your social media to a new height with audience response to Twitter, Instragram and Facebook with ease. Our Marketing Strategy is simple – we can help you get more likes and followers so you can engage with your audience.


We provide 24 hour support for all of our clients, we understand after business hour support is critical to some projects. Last minute media changes happens all the time, we work side by side with your management to make sure your media investment is secure. We also provide your team with a secure login to your project for status reports, a message center for last minute changes and billing support.