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Los Angeles Doctor Delivers Food to His Patients Who Tested Positive for COVID-19

Los Angeles Doctor Delivers Food to His Patients Who Tested Positive for COVID-19

Dr. Eugene Allen opens multiple locations, across Los Angeles and Orange County, to provide pre-screen Coronavirus testing.

Los Angeles doctor delivers food to his patients who tested positive for COVID-19, at his facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County. Dr. Eugene Allen, a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine trained physician from Martin Luther King (MLK) Hospital of Los Angeles, began offering pre-screen Coronavirus testing for those in his community lacking access. Multiple Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care locations across southern California, now provide Coronavirus testing for patients in need through a new program called Coronavirus Test Los Angeles.

CoronaVirus Test Los Angeles, a collaborative community health effort provided by Dr. Eugene Allen have begun testing residents in the city of Paramount, Montebello, Gardena and Anaheim. Dr. Allen has taken the initiative to provide testing for people who lack access to, but who met the CDC criteria for testing.

CoronaVirus Test Los Angeles has tested more than 800 potential COVID-19 patients over the last 17 days, with a total of 11 patients returning positive results. The program was specifically created to draw those out of the shadows, who believe they came in contact with the virus. Local citizens of Los Angeles and Orange County, who have been at a stand-still, griped with fear waiting for confirmation from Government and City officials for public solutions. Community leaders has joined arms with Dr. Allen to provide for those in need of services in the community. Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care has been a staple for the residents of Los Angeles, with the spirit of giving back.

“Dr. Allen states: My heart was broken when my patients tested positive and now quarantined, they are not able to purchase food or simple things. Testing positive was not the end for my relationship with my patients, they are family. Right now, they need help with getting food. We will fight until the end”


Dr. Eugene Allen opened Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care in 2002, in the city of Paramount. Serving the community, with a brand of Urgent Care services to include: culturally diverse Doctors, PAs and Nurse Practitioners. Dr. Allen, an award-winning community service leader, truly believes in helping his fellow-man. He has been known, around the holiday season, to host turkey and gift giveaways, clothing to the homeless and visits local schools, encouraging our youth.

Corona Virus Test Los Angeles provides daily testing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To learn more information and to schedule appointments, local residents can access: https://www.coronavirustestla.com or calling by (844) 332-5100.


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